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ESM-6T UL634 Level 2 "HSS" High Security Sensor
ESM-6T Tandem Balanced (TM) Magnetic Sensor - UL 634 Level 2 "High Security Sensor"
Adjustable up to a full 1/4" gap
and still UL634 Level 2 Approved
All UL 634 Level 2 sensors are NOT created equal.

The ESM-6T is the only UL634 Level 2 approved sensor that is based on balanced magnetic principles, and enhanced with the patented Tandem-Balanced™ concepts to provide the highest level of security, innovation and quality.

  • Cheaper is not always less expensive. Before you decide, be sure to consider all the costs and features.

    The ESM-6T features:

    • Sensor and Magnet housings may be mounted with up to a 1/4" gap between housings, not the restricted 1/16" for other Level 2 sensors.
    • Unique patented Tandem-Balanced™ magnetic concept provides the best anti-defeat protection.
    • High Quality Reed Switches are used for magnetic sensing and alarm reporting - known for their reliability - not prone to 'sticking' like some other technologies.
    • Field Wiring easily attaches to a removable, screw terminal “Field Wiring Connector” inside the tamper protected sensor housing.
    • Tamper protection of field wiring connections is built-in and automatic.
    • Tamper protection of the sensor module is built-in and automatic.
    • Tamper protection of the magnet module is built-in and automatic.
    • Tamper protection of the Sensor and the Magnet module's mounting screws is built-in and automatic.
    • Adjustable sensor assembly aids during installation.
    • Adjustable sensor assembly enables future correction/compensation for sagging doors to maintain compliance.
    • Rugged 1/8" thick cast aluminum housings protect both the Sensor and the Magnet modules.
    • Built-in 1/2" pipe threads provide for direct connection to conduit.

    • Extensive, adjustable, easy to use, mounting accessories and alignment tool are available.
    • Custom battery-operated, hands-free, easy to use, adjustment tool/tester are available.

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